Saturday, May 31, 2008

ODing on Steampunk

With the discovery of this awesome comic, I've been doing a bit of web exploring trying to find as many steampunk references as possible. Which isn't at all hard.

The best resource I've found so far is "The Brass Goggles", a weblog full of interesting things like "How Correctly Wear a Pocketwatch" and links to every artist thats ever built anything remotely steampunk EVER.

According to this, my steampunk name would be Senator Ginny Brogley. meh. I put my "Title Type" to professional because engineers are generally considered "professional" but I wouldn't consider Senators in that category.

Another wonderful place is "The Steampunk Lab" which has the cutest little steampunk robot ever!

There's actually several sources for Steampunk-style jewelry. Here;s some of the best off Etsy:
EdmDesigns - Excellent to look at but it's mainly men's cufflinks. Although I did almost buy these earrings.
Velvet Mechanism - How can you not love someplace that sells gear earrings?
Clockwork Zero - Go one better with nuts & gears earrings.
JewelsByNature - More vintage than steampunk but still quite cool.
(I'm incredibly thankful Etsy has a registration function as it stopped me from buying everything in sight)

Apparently, "The Five Fists of Science" isn't the only steampunkish comic out there. "The Helen Killer" Series sounds really interesting.

Most Interesting Result: A video game entitled "Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened". It's about Holmes versus followers of Cthulhu. The screenshots can be a bit gory but it sounds quite intriguing. I wonder if I can play it using WINE?

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