Saturday, May 31, 2008

Patterns: Shopping and Goodbye

While running errands, I stopped by my local Wal-Mart where some new clothes caught my pattern-seeking eye:
I really like this. Good color combination and use of contrasts. Although there is a great deal of detail, it isn’t gaudy or overpowering.

The same I could not say for the denizens of dress rack:
Who decided that brown&pink was a good color combo? I’ve been seeing this combination everywhere and it’s terrible! The pattern has the potential to be fairly cheerful but the dreary brown just deadens it. Yuck.

While browsing for some new shelves at Target, I noticed the following pattern on an ottoman:
A very bold black-and-white pattern. A little too bold perhaps, this sucker could take over your living room if you’re not careful.

My new shelves are now assembled and prettifying my living room. They replace a ratty cardboard table covered by a tablecloth. I won’t miss the table, but the tablecloth...
The tablecloth was from my parents when I moved out on my own. I grew up with this pattern and have always loved it even during my militant anti-pink phase. (sigh) Goodbye, faithful upholstery. I will remember you fondly....

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