Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thanks Best Buy!

With the opening of a “Best Buy” near work, I’ve been on a bit of a movie watching kick.

Prince Caspian: OK, I actually saw this in the theaters. I’m surprised this isn’t doing better because it was an excellent film. Not quite as good as “Iron Man” but still far, far better than what I fear for the new Indiana Jones flick. Good family fun with lasting emotional oomph.

August Rush: Warning! This movie is sappy to the extreme. Also, do not watch unless you really like music and/or Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Still, I enjoyed it and found the music fairly well-done. Robin Williams plays an interesting role as a slightly villainous character.

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets: Bought the DVD. I saw this in theaters but it was equally enjoyable at home. The jokes and suspense both held up and I love these characters! I really hope this franchise continues for a long while. It’s so refreshing to see a bunch of really smart history-geeks as the heroes.

Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow: I loved this when it came out in the theaters so I snapped it up quick from the bargain bin. However, after having seen “Iron Man” recently, it falls a little flat by comparison. Especially the chemistry between Paltrow & Jude Law as its infinitesimal compared to her and Robert Downey Jr.

28 Weeks Later: Very good suspenseful movie. More suspenseful and intense than the original. If the film has any flaws, it's that the entire plot revolves around TwoStupidKids who destroy everything they touch and always make the worst decision possible for the future of the planet. The fact that everyone is trying to save TwoStupidKids instead of shooting them dead greatly confused me.

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