Monday, June 2, 2008

Take That You, Extrovert-Centrists!

Today, I was exceeedingly happy to read this article over at The Science Blog. Apparently, recent research validates the idea that it’s OK not to talk about your traumatic experiences immediately following those experiences. The article does point out some caveats and expresses that everyone reacts differently.

Still for too long, the mental health professions assumed everyone wasn’t different and there was only one healthy reaction: to express your feelings as quickly as possible. As someone whose general reaction to anything is to not talk about it for a while*, I’m greatly heartened to have scientific backing for that stance. Few things annoy me more than someone forcing my emotional timetable into fast forward because it doesn’t meet their expectations.

*I'm a muller. Someone who mulls. My brain sometimes works on problems while I'm doing other things, so when I come back to the problem it's already half-solved. I handle any problem I'm stuck on by putting it down for while.

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