Sunday, January 4, 2009

How To Destroy Civilization With Bad Science

Somewhere in the afterlife, the ghost of King Arthur weeps.....From the Telegraph:

...the residents of Glastonbury, which has long been a favoured destination for pilgrims, are at the centre of a bitter row in which many blame the town's new wireless computer network - known as wi-fi - for a spate of health problems.

Amid incredibly vague descriptions about the "dangers" of wi-fi, there's this entrepreneurial spirit:
Matt Todd, who campaigns against EMFs, said that residents had complained that chakras and ley lines are being disrupted. "They believe positive energy flows are being disturbed," he said.

Mr Todd has started building small generators which he believes can neutralise the allegedly-harmful radiation using the principles of orgone science. The pyramid-like machines use quartz crystals, selenite (a clear form of the mineral gypsum), semi-precious lapis lazuli stones, gold leaf and copper coil to absorb and recycle the supposedly-negative energy.

I would weep for the home of the Industrial Revolution but I think that was centered in the North and Glastonbury is in the South. Still how can a modern country expect to survive when at least a town full of its people lack any and all critical thinking skills or understanding of basic science?

*Is going off to defiantly read a book on wireless routers, you ignorant peons*

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