Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flashbacks of the Not-So-Pleasant Kind

Hattip this person on LJ whom I've never heard of before, from this AP article:

A construction official falsely billed $1.2 million for supplies not delivered to clean up a toxic ground zero skyscraper in exchange for cash, clothes and trips to the Caribbean, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Robert Chiarappa was the purchasing agent for the John Galt Corp., which was hired to clean up the former Deutsche Bank tower after it was heavily damaged in the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center across the street.

I actually read that speech aloud once in college just to see if it really was three hours.....It took me five hours to get through. I lost my voice for two days after. It cured me of Objectivism for life!* Why are you people putting me through that again?! Why are you putting anyone through that? I thought Objectivists considered masochism immoral or something?

*Not that I actually disagree with most of Rand's philosophy. It's just John Galt, like most devout Objectivists, is kinda an asshole. Don't you always hate it when the sanctimonious jerk who everyone ignores at parties espouses your long-held beliefs for the single dumbest reasons evah and in general, causes you to seriously re-consider any world-view which includes them on your side? Me too.

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