Thursday, January 1, 2009

Backlog of Interesting Patterns....

Between comforter shopping over Thanksgiving & my travels for Christmas, I've actually made some really good pattern discoveries lately. There's really only one dud in the bunch (but what a dud!).

Teaser: Gorgeous blue sofa upholstery!
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Seriously, whoever picks the scrapbook paper prints out for Michael's stores does know their business. Here's a really pretty purple & cream pattern:

While looking for a new comforter, my Mom & I also browsed the shower curtain, most of which were blessedly forgettable. The exception:
A dismal 70's flashback. It really is gross.

In addition to the usual papers & upholstery, I also spotted some wonderful antique cups. Here's a lovely Asian pattern:

And, I'm quite surprised I liked this one given the pink but the color isn't so bad with the gray:

This last one isn't a pattern I found but rather one I made. I got this poster for Christmas and since it's an odd size, there were no ready-made mattes in the stores. So a couple of packages of origami paper later....
*is feeling very crafty*

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