Monday, October 20, 2008

I Like This Guy! Oh, him too.

With all the brouhaha about “Joe the Plumber” & how he’s being treated in the media, I was exceedingly amused to read this story over at the National Review about a Colombian immigrant who showed up at a McCain rally to debate the press. The money quote:

When I first made my way over to him, Munoz thought I was there to give him the third degree.
“Are you going to check my license, too?” he asked me. “Are you going to check my immigration status? I’m ready, I have everything here. Whatever you want, I have it. I have my green card, I have my passport — “
I was a little surprised. Did Munoz really bring his papers with him to a McCain rally? I asked.
“Yeah, I have my papers right here,” he said. “I’m an American citizen. Right here, right here.” With that, he produced a U.S. passport, turned it to the page with his picture on it, and thrust it about an inch from my nose. “Right here,” he said. “In your face.”
“In Your face.” Wouldn’t the world be a better place if more people said that to our reporters? They are not holy arbiters of objectivism but people with all the prejudices and preconceptions that everybody else has. Please read the full article including this guy confronting a MOTHER JONES reporter on their coverage. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one calling these guys out in person on their reporting.

The problem with this election cycle is that when the average citizen can discover contradictory evidence for most political reporting with 5 minutes of googling during lunch, they begin to understand exactly how terrible reporting is in general. Having discovered that 5 minutes of googling teaches them more than 30 minutes of nightly news, why would they watch the nightly news? Or spend a half hour reading the newspaper?

PS. In the category of "Why I Like Conservative Blogs Better Than Liberal Ones Even When I Don't Always Agree With Them" here's a money quote from "Ace of Spades":
UPDATE: Jesus Christ, I love you morons, but are you all on crack?

RTWT as they say.

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