Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Farwell Dear Winnifred!

This week I traded in my long-time mode of transportation, my Honda Civic (named Winnifred). She’s more than served me well but it’s time for a change. I knew I wanted one of two cars to replace her, either a Nissan Versa or a Toyota Matrix. Having test driven both, I can say that they are remarkably similar cars in almost all respects. In the end, my decision came down to one area of difference. The main deal-breaker was this:
This is a fabulously designed trunk! Some Toyota engineer(s) gave real thought to the fact that people who buy a car in order to extend the trunk space probably also have other needs that should be addressed. Then, those engineers proceeded to include lots of little features that turn the trunk into a massively functional space. Although the Nissan Versa was very comparable in all other respects, it has nothing trunk-wise to compete with what the Matrix has going on here.

In other slightly odd news, based on the online information I expected to be buying the Versa so I had a name picked out for that vehicle. Since instead I bought the Matrix, I’m at a loss name-wise. While it isn’t directly impairing my ability to enjoy my new car, I find it strangely impersonal to be driving an unnamed car.

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Mark Justin Josephs said...

We had to say goodbye to herbie our honda odd this year. but got jack a honda ridge. i feel your pain...