Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Old School Desktop

Once again, the Ubuntu forums monthly Desktop thread forces me to step up my game....Using a homemade wallpaper and some new controls/icon themes, I decided to create a yellow-themed desktop as I’d never done one before and figured it would be a bit of a challenge. The final result:



Wallpaper: “Antiquing” made by me in GIMP with GPL/CC licensed brushes, gradients & patterns
Controls: Zenburn-Murrine
Icons: Foxtrot
AWN Theme: Shotglass modified to match wallpaper colors
Firefox Theme: Default
Thunderbird Theme: Outlook 2003 GreenTB (not shown)
Songbird Theme: Default with “Personas” AddOn reconfigured with wallpaper as background image
(Oops - forgot one!) Emerald Theme: Argilla

*eyes laptop speculatively*

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