Sunday, October 19, 2008

60s Surprises

From when they could actually play live music WELL.....

The Association - Along Comes Mary

The Seeds - Pushing Too Hard

The Sorrows - Take A Heart

Blues Magoo - We Ain't Got Nothing Yet

*bubble is burst* (see comment)

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Anonymous said...

Hate to burst your bubble BUT...

The only group in this collection that is NOT lip-synching is The Sorrows. Listen to the originals then compare. It was common for all shows back then (American Bandstand, Shebang, Hullabaloo, et al) to feature "LIVE" versions of songs. Not that they couldn't play live, but with all the screaming from the audience, the sound was better canned.

Still, I'd take any of these songs over 90% of the useless junk on the radio today. The Blues Magoos rocked back then!!!