Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Vatican Has Impressed Me (For Real!)

I find myself really impressed by this news: The Catholic Church is NOT Inviting Advocates of Creationism or Intelligent Design to Its Forum on Evolution.

From the Horse's Mouth:

Jesuit Father Marc Leclerc, a philosophy professor at the Gregorian, told Catholic News Service Sept. 16 that organizers "wanted to create a conference that was strictly scientific" and that discussed rational philosophy and theology along with the latest scientific discoveries.
He said arguments "that cannot be critically defined as being science, or philosophy or theology did not seem feasible to include in a dialogue at this level and, therefore, for this reason we did not think to invite" supporters of creationism and intelligent design.
Because when reviewing a topic in a scholarly manner, Jesuits (of all people) know better than to listen to those who impose EITHER-OR fallacies where they do not belong.

Also, in between a note that evolution doesn't comply with the Bible and hopes from some guidance from the Church on the subject, there is this zinger:
Gennaro Auletta, professor of philosophy at the Gregorian and head of the STOQ project, said organizers hope the encounter will help theologians and philosophers be "a bit more humble and learn to listen a bit more" to what science is unveiling about humanity and the world.
Wow guys. Keep this up, I'm might actually start calling myself a Catholic again (well, probably not but good job anyway).

(my emphasis added both quotes)

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