Sunday, March 30, 2008

CD Baby = Sonic Brilliance!

It all started with a music post over at Sepia Mutiny. After clicking several links, I ended up at music site CD Baby, which is an absolutely fantastic place to discover musicians you didn't know existed. I've spend the last two hours listening to and purchasing music there.

The best (IMHO):
Raghu Dixit's self-titled album - Give tracks 2, 5 and 7 a listen. This is the reason I found the site and was my first purchase.

Children of Agape - A deservedly sold-out album of Zulu tribal music and traditional spirituals. Gorgeous music from an orphanage's children's choir. I'm buying as soon as it's available.

"Blondfire" by My Someday
- A wonderful britpop duo. "Oxygen" and "Lovesick" are particularly good tracks. I also bought this one.

"Unearthed" by E.S. Posthumus
- Blending electronic, classical and world music, just a fantastic album of good, chilling music. Also purchased today.

"Huria" by Sanna Kurki-Suonio - Finnish folk music! Very sparse arrangements but excellent. I highly recommend the jazzy "Tytto Kulkija" and the very catchy "Matkalla".

(sigh) At the rate I'm going, my entire day will be spent with one ear on this website....

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Vijay Nair said...


Thanks for the kind words about the album :) . Its good to know that its being appreciated all over !

Vijay Nair - Manager,
Raghu Dixit Project.