Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wasting Opportunities at FoxNews

In a follow-up to my previous comments about CNN’s incorporation of web reporting, I watched their “News to me!” program today while in the airport. It was pretty darn good. The program had a mix of newsy news stories as well as showing some popular YouTube fare. I searched FoxNews to see if they had anything similar. The closest was an option to send FoxNews a tip.

Unfortunately, FoxNews has seen a real drop in programming quality lately so I can't say they're sticking with what works. They have good reporters (I prefer their on-scene people to CNN's) but something's off and I haven't been able to pinpoint what exactly. Some innovative program ideas based on web-reporting could juice things up a bit.

On the other hand, the Lou Dobbs show? Totally unwatchable, even when I agree with someone on that show I want to scream “Get off my side doofus!” at the TV. I think I'll read a book when he's on.

PS – Blogging likely light this week as I will be traveling for work.

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