Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Miscellaneous

1) MIT Invents Flexible Biodegradable Battery. Cool & useful tech of the day.

2) Google Gyps Consumers on Video Purchases. Having just realized how badly Napster-to-Go was screwing me over, I feel terrible for all those people who bought videos expecting to you know, keep what they paid for. The more I hear about DRM-protected stuff, the more I want to throttle an entertainment company executive.

3) Ok, when I attended my high school reunion, one of my previous classmates mentioned he'd been working on an animated version of Edwin Abbott's “Flatland”. I really enjoyed this book when we read it in high school Geometry so I checked out the website. It looks really good! Go check out the trailer.

4) What can zombies teach us about ourselves? Hmmmm..... Squishing heads is fun? No, wait that was “Kids in the Hall”.

5) Ode to a classic graphical design program. Hehehehehehe.

6) A Beginner's Guide to Lock-Picking. Because you never know when you'll lock yourself out of your own bathroom by mistake... (sigh) That was a really bad day.

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