Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hey, It's THAT band!

There's songs you've heard so often, they are kind of like background music. Growing up, the music of CCR and The Eagles definitely fit in that category. And then, there's Booker T & the MG's.

I recently re-discovered this band during an episode of Supernatural (which with its classic rock emphasis has one of the best soundtracks on television today). And the fans of the show have really embraced the sound. Here is the TWOP thread for discussing the music & swapping songs. I found many hidden gems on this board.

Anyway, the episode in question was "Folsom Prison Blues", during which they played "Green Onions" one of my favorite instrumental songs. Apparently, the Johnny Cash title song was too expensive so they used this instead. Instant flashback time!

I decided share the renewed love with some YouTube links. Enjoy!

Performance of "Green Onions" on "Hollywood a Go Go"
(with wacky 60's choreography)

1970 Performance of "Time is Tight" (with CCR watching from off-stage!)

Live Performance at 2007 SXSW in Austin.

Live Performance of "Hang 'Em High". As my brother says "Good chillin' music".

The absolutely lovely "Soul Dressing". (video is of record playing)

As a bonus, here's some Bo Diddly love from the 60s.

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