Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ubuntu Migration – Another Consideration

In addition to some of my difficulties installing Ubuntu (most of which are due to the fact I can’t be bothered to learn the system requirements first), there is one rather large pain-in-the-neck with moving to away from Windows. Again, this is my fault...for having a Napter To-Go subscription. Apparently, this service only works with Windows Media Player which is (surprise, surprise) not a standard Ubuntu application.

I only got the subscription a few months ago but I’ve downloaded 275 songs since then. These are licensed so you have to log on every 2 weeks in order to be able to play the songs. Unfortunately, I can’t just buy all of them in one go and eliminate the license expiring issue.

How can I choose between “The Pogues” and “The Amazing Rhythym Aces”? Between “Screaming Trees” and “The Duo-Tones”? Talk about comparing apples to oranges. I’ve spent the last several days listening to music, trying to decide which ones to leave behind. And do you know how many I’ve deleted? 3 out of 275. Crap.

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