Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tech Hit List

Hmmm, I haven’t done one of these in a while.

1) New Spacesuits from MIT: Researchers are working on developing a revolutionary spacesuit that could allow for greater mobility & dexterity for the astronaut. Not quite ready to go but very cool.
2) The previously mentioned Genesis II inflatable module launched successfully and has already begun sending pictures back. Here’s my favorite so far.
3) Ubuntu Competition? Great idea. I looked around at other distributions of Linux when I ran into my RAM memory troubles. Although many looked good and came with a bunch of applications, no one could touch the documentation, help forums and we-assume-you’re-a-beginner stance of Ubuntu.
4) Article on throttle-down engines. New NASA research in variable acceleration rockets. This is a good example of NASA doing what it does best. Very cool.
5) More Farscape!!!! How awesome is this? (Not strictly tech but too cool to not mention)

In conclusion, I give you Full Metal Aztec:

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