Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Miscellaneous

1) NBC is making ridiculous claims to the FCC in order to stifle P2P technologies. I find it so amazing big entertainment companies make such colossal PR blunders. If they want to know why revenue and sales are down, it’s because people don’t want to be hassled with poorly-functioning copyright control software. If NBC succeeds they will be nailing their own coffin shut for when Internet-distributed TV serials hit the big time.

And lists like this one make it easier for users to generate their own content instead of being dependent on big media. There's over 400 tools for multi-media blogging there. I just flipped through them but really cool. I have a feeling I will be spending some time here in the near future.

2) Two weblogs of Interest:
Ars Technica creates Open-Ended, a web journal on Open-Source software. Looks promising.
Life Hacker: Weblog provides a variety of tips on everything from time management to computing to how to slice a watermelon. So book-marking this one.

3) Possible liquid water in the Kuiper Belt. The more I read about our Outer Solar System, the more excited I get about the upcoming New Horizons Mission.

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