Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weird Word of the Day

Which one of these three English words is NOT made-up by me as I typed?
a) Polly-nolly
b) Wertnap
c) Ishkabibble

If you answered C, you’re a winner and smarter than me. I didn’t believe it was a real word. I came across this etymological wonder at work due to the fact someone named their pet “Iskeybibble”. Here’s the excerpt from the reference.com article:

In 1975, Montreal magician Bob Shelley began using the word "ishkabibble" (one word) as his "magic word" when performing children's shows...Children began to refer to Shelley by the magic word he had chosen and he soon took the word as his stage name. He later licensed the name "Ishkabibble" and his signature magic word "ishkabibble" and continues to perform throughout the United States and Canada. Shelley also uses the word "ishkabibble" as his magic incantation when performing his spoof of a 19th Century Medicine Show in which goes by the name Professor Marvel.

You really can learn something new every day.

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