Monday, April 20, 2009

Connections - Literary Edition

I've spoken before about how "Atlas Shrugged" results in some very *ahem* conflicted reactions from me. It appears I'm not alone on that. Here's a very good review about why, for all its flaws, "Atlas Shrugged" still sells like hotcakes. RTWT.

Nothing however beats this line (after describing several characters):

They are a bit reminiscent of similar characters found in Robert Heinlein novels, except they are less flawed and tend to lack the ability to laugh at themselves.

In retrospect that connection is painfully obvious....I feel obscenely blond for missing it.

Although, now I have an uncanny urge to paper over the walls of Galt's Gulch with posters like this one:

*is repressing*

(Note: the "what the hell?" tag is for my brain for going from Galt to Heinlein to Joker's catchphrase in about 2.5 seconds)

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