Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poem of the Week #1 & #2

As promised, here's the first entry in my "Poem of the Week" personal enrichment goal for 2009. In the future, I’ll try to post these on the weekends after the week in question.

Week #1: I actually did write the first entry during the first week of 2009 as I knew I wanted that on my PE Goals list. For the first one, I decided to do a sonnet as, well, when we were required to for English class, I really enjoyed writing sonnets. As for the topic, well, I think you can guess what I was doing my first week back at work.....

Design Analysis Blues

Siren numbers dance and trill tunelessly.
With silent motion, I fumble on while
My damp hands grasp, forcing each quantity
To meet its measure well, ending the trial.

Alas, the rhythm of scratching symbols dies,
Leaving poorly constructed gibberish
For me to sift through, discarding the lies.
My ego weeps red, making me squeamish.

A force this way; An angle not obtuse.
Enough? The numerals taunt me sing-song
As Aunt Sally orders me to let loose.
Buttons click, numbers crunch, righting the wrong.

But will these digits do the work I need?
Do I trust them with life and limb? Take heed.

Week #2: I actually wrote more than one poem but I'm not happy with a vast majority of them. They're....OK, I guess. But they are ultimately lacking whatever it is that makes me enjoy my own writing. So, unfortunately, I'm defaulting to post haiku as the official entry. There are three which are unrelated topic-wise....

Haiku #1

Black boxes lined up.
Arrows cross but do not link.
Dear me, what a waste!

Haiku #2

Wood balls arc in rings.
Lights and song, ringing victory.
I need more tokens.

Haiku #3

The clock ticks late/early.
Words bubble up, Grey spaces.
My nightclothes don't fit.

Either week, any opinions?

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