Sunday, January 18, 2009

Journals A Million! (Really Four)

While waiting in the checkout line at my local "Books A Million" I noticed several awesome patterns in the journals & diary section.....Four in particular were note-worthy.

First, the terror of the group:
My eyes will be forwarding the bookstore their therapy bills. I could feel my vision degrading as I stared....

We have two nominees for best patterns that I did not expect to like but still, find appealing:
Although I'm no fan of orange in general, here it works. Strikes me as vaguely medieval perhaps because of the patterned flowers (not the super-curly leaves, those always creep me's too "Seymour, feed me!" for my tastes). Again, the components aren't something I ordinarily favor but how they assemble together here, works...

Very calming pattern. The paleness of the turquoise and the yellow, damn, it's relaxing just looking at it. Perhaps that is a good thing. Whoever buys this journal will be writing a lot less angst-filled poetry than whoever buys the pink & green monstrosity above.

The winner by an overwhelming margin:
Absolutely stunning pattern. I bought this journal for it alone even though I have absolutely nothing to use it for (well, maybe my ideas for "Poem of the week", but I didn't think of that until later).

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