Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spree of Auditory Delights

Man, it’s either feast or famine with me music-wise. Last month was gluttony central. In addition to music purchases, I’ve found (via BoingBoing) another wonderful source of internet radio awesomeness! Podomatic offers podcasts that play in your web browser or that are available for download. They have something for everybody, both music and talk radio. Personally, I don’t like talk radio so here’s my favorite stations in the music category:

The Casbah – Only 4 episodes available but what episodes! Produced by someone right here in San Antonio, it’s a wonderful combination of Surf, Oldies, Garage & Punk.

Ready Steady A Go Go – Lots of episodes dedicated to the bands of the British Invasion Era. Really good foot-stomping music from some bands mainstream “oldies” stations often ignore.

Texas Blues Cafe – Exactly what it sounds like. Texas-style blues with a bit of a bawdy twist. Not necessarily for family listening but great fun anyway.

Now for the usual suspects:

CD Baby
Erin Jordan & The Whiskey Temptation “Gateway To Temptation” – Bluesy swing with a wry sense of humor. Not to mention the main singer has a fantastic voice.

Fiddlefire “Playing With Fire” – A family trio, the oldest of which is 15(!). Very good selection including both upbeat numbers and ballads.

Sleepy Horses “Somewhere Out West Lonesome For You” – WOW. Incredibly mellow alt-country that manages to be haunting, fun and diverse all at the same time.

Divahn “Divhan” - Arabic-influenced Jewish music. No really. Great stuff with unique sounds and the harmonies of the four ladies singing are gorgeous.

Amazon CDs:
Atomic Fireballs “Torch This Place” – Amazing modern swing with a unique lead singer. Although the album is normal length, the songs blast out at such a frenetic pace, it’s over too quickly.

“Vintage Collection: Tennessee Ernie Ford” – I bought for “16 Tons” classic song but it’s a really solid collection of standards. I’d never heard of Ernie Ford before but the guy had one heck of a voice.

Amazon Downloads (best of recent):

The Undertones “Bye Bye Baby Blue”
The Adverts “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”
Rainbow “Sixteenth Century Greensleeves”
Calexico “Attack El Robot! Attack!”
Jonathon Coulton “Someone Is Crazy”
Bedlam Bards “On The Drift (instrumental)”
Rosemary Clooney “Come-On-A My House”
Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog Soundtrack "My Eyes"

On a sidenote: Dear God, Amazon Prime is addictive!! I talked myself into signing up for the 3-month free trial a while ago....Seriously, it’s completely awesome to just click on something and know it will be at your doorstep in exactly two days. I’ve been ordering so often that the UPS guy doesn’t even bother dropping off my packages at the apartment office anymore. He just tosses them onto my balcony and adds a little arrow to the sticky note left on my door (I’m not certain if he’s saying “I Threw It Over There *points*” or “Go Over Rail For Package”).

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