Friday, October 17, 2008

Times Are A Changin’

Yesterday, during “Supernatural”, there was an advertisement that kinda made my brain stop in its tracks. They aired a commercial for “The 700 Club”. In the ad, religious show advertised upcoming special reports....Including what looks like a very positive report on solar power for your home.

You know the public’s perception of renewable energy has undergone a major shift when the fundamentalist crowd is talking about it positively. I’m just saying.

On a sidenote: What network super-genius thought selling ad-space to “The 700 Club” during “Supernatural” was a good fit with their audience? Seriously, do they think just because there are angels on the show the fundie crowd will adore it? Because the online fans of SPN are more than a little notorious for being kinky as all get out (although the show does make it easy sometimes). Can we expect “Focus On The Family” ads during “One Tree Hill” next?

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