Friday, August 8, 2008

Trout Eating Zombies!!!

OR Reasons Why You Should be Watching “The Middleman”
(Monday Nights @9pm on ABCFamily)

Monday nights this summer have been an unexpected treat for me. Because in mid-July I discovered ABC Family’s “The Middleman”. Unfortunately, not enough other people have made the same discovery. Which is a shame because this is such a smart, funny show. So, in an effort to utilize my little Blogger soapbox for some good, here are some reasons why you should be tuning in…..

9) PSA Announcements from your friendly neighborhood superhero team.

8) With villains like alien-dictator boy bands, lucha libre wrestler gangs and trout eating zombies, who can resist watching? Seriously if you need more than "trout eating zombies", please leave my weblog immediately.

7) Come for the wacky villains, stay for the wacky catchphrases! In an effort to avoid swearing, the title character utilizes other means to express himself, including such gems as "Flowers for Algernon!", "Holy Onions!" and "Great hearts of palm that is grotesque!" (For more go here)

6) ART CRAWL! (thanks TWOP!)

5) Techno-bablble for very non-technical persons. For example,
In technical terms: Global analysis and information gathering device capable of preforming onboard evidence analysis as well as universal intelligence searches across all data platforms.
In non-technical terms: It’s a big silver ball that gives us answers to things

4) The scene which sold me on the show - The milk interrogation in the first episode.
To paraphrase “just because you’re a good guy doesn’t mean you have to be a fool.”

3) You have to pay attention. Or you miss the running gags like different timezones in the time/place captions during the 3rd episode. My favorite was "9:50 PM Mitteleuropaische Sommerz". Or that episode with all the "Back to the Future" references.

2) For a show with trout eating zombies, they have a pretty good habit of showing the consequences of actions and giving those consequences emotional weight. Examples include: A confrontational performance artist has to learn how to follow her art without getting arrested because no one wants to hire someone with a record. People who’ve known you for years won’t be easily fooled by the usual cover stories (1000+ bonus pts for that alone).

1) (Totally a personal opinion) Isn't Matt Knessler reason enough?

The not-so-secret goal of this post is to have at least one person discover my weblog via a web-search for “trout eating zombies”.

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