Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pattern Backlog

With all my running around for work and real-life, I've come across several interesting and eye-burning patterns lately. Here they are for your snark & enjoyment.

Teaser: Hallway carpet, hotel in Michigan

Well, this would wake me up in the morning.

Also while in Michigan, I came across yet another example of "Carpets I firmly believe are used in Rainbow Brite's House":

The office up there had tons of chairs covered in these geometric prints. Most of them didn't photograph well. An exception is this lovely print:
Which I call "Attack Of The Colored Blobs"

Back in San Antonio, I noticed the upholstery at one of my regular restaurants.
It's like a cubist's calligraphy sketchpad.

At another takeout place, they were making repairs. Instead of hanging clear plastic to block of the area, they'd built a little plywood enclosure covered with this cloth:
(sings off-key)
Rock a bye baby
In the treetop
When the bough breaks
Cradle will fall
(ends singing)

We've had several visitors from Japan recently, who brought gifts. I got a lovely embroidered coaster and a towel: I'm somewhat tempted to taking this fishing with me. Don't know why....

While shopping for a gift in Target, I came across another example of a pattern making a comeback:
Personally, I don't know what's so attractive about glittery paramecium.

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