Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CD Baby Strikes Again!!

Aka - How I spent my Stimulus check, part the first

Once again, I wandered into the online music store CD Baby and have now purchased an insanely eclectic bunch of music. Also, I discovered their $5 sale (buy any 3 CDs on the sale list and they are all $5 instead of their list price). Reasons for my depleted bank account:

Vibeke "The World Famous Hat Trick" - Described as "Norway's answer to early Blondie", this is rousing album of jamming music. I particularly like track 6, "Meant To Be With You".

The Frolics "The Frolics"
- Like kinda dirty punk-country with a wonderful sense of humor. I can easily imagine myself humming "Crackhead Fred". Besides, you've got to admire a even tangentially country band who includes "A Ballad to Eazy-E" on their CD.

Devotchka "How It Ends"
- "European influenced sad bastard music"....And what music! Although only four tracks are available for previewing, they are a varied and interesting group of songs. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd got with "The Enemy Guns" for being the coolest song I've heard in months. I really can't wait to listen to the rest.

Kagero "Kagero" & "Red & Black" - A Half-Japanese Gypsy-Punk Group whose lead singer channels Simon Le Bon. The self-titled album is more punk with songs like "Samba Au Lait". The second album, "Red & Black", with only three songs makes a surprisingly huge impression based on pure gypsy awesomeness, especially the title song.

Devil Doll "The Return of Eve"
- HOLY MOLY. A rockabilly/jazz/punk singer with an out-of-this-world fantastic voice. Just absolutely blew me away with every single track. Not to mention, there's a huge variety in the song styling, from the punky "The Curse" to the more contemplative "Tortured".

Next up, buying CDs that I actually have planned to buy for a while but put off for reasons that escape me now.

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