Friday, June 6, 2008

The Sportscaster In Upholstery Hell

Every now and again, working with a bunch of guys exposes me to parts of the world that I simply never knew existed. Indeed, I would have been happy to remain ignorant. For example, I have discovered the fashion “sense” of sportscaster Don Cherry.

Dear God, my eyes burn. Let me share the pain. Optical masochists are welcome here.

On one level, I admire a guy who can navigate the super-macho world of sportscasting while wearing this outfit:
On another level, I want to bleach my brain clean of the image.

And, worst of all, that’s not the ugliest suit he’s worn. Occasionally, he takes on a nature/grandma’s-couch theme:

Suits like this make me want to burn down the rainforest. Or at the very least, set fire to a greenhouse. Good frickin’ riddance to inspiration for these monstrosities.

In an effort to convey a more masculine image, he moved on to geometric patterns.
It didn’t work.

I would just like to thank Mr. Cherry for so thoroughly traumatizing my delicate pattern-loving sensibilities.

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