Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rhythmbox Woes

Due to the soundcard isues, I had very reluctantly quit using XMMS to play music on my computer. I don't like Rhythmbox but at least it worked. Well......that was a bad plan.

Last night Rhythmbox went KA-BOOM in a major way; I can't even open it without bringing my entire system to a screeching halt. It keeps trying to import all these non-music files on my external hard drive including back-up Windows files I saved on a different partition than my music library. WTF?

Double-unfortunately, during my "panic" phase I attempted to remove the library files so I could re-import them. I accidentally clicked "Delete to Trash" and it crashed my "Trash" folder & file manager. In addition, Nautilus is the only major graphical file manager that doesn't allow you to "Remove from Trash" and send files straight back to where they came from.

Result: I have to spend this weekend recreating my music library by cutting & pasting over 1900(!) music files. AND, I have to get Rhythmbox under control. AND, I'm probably not going to be using it again if I can avoid it. Perhaps it's time to give Amarok or Exhaile a try?


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