Saturday, April 5, 2008

Movie: "Nim's Island" & Punk Music Recs

"Nim's Island" - Very funny & cute movie. I saw this on a whim after coming across a trailer on YouTube this afternoon. I mean, Jodie Foster & Gerard Butler in the same movie!? I'm there! Jodie Foster was hilarious playing an agoraphobic writer. And Gerard Butler did wonderfully in his two(!) roles. Tons of laugh-out-loud moments and just a great little family movie. It's not just me who thinks it either. The theater was packed and everybody left saying how good the movie was.

PS - Go to this BoingBoing Post for some fantastic punk music recs! Read the comments for a glorious variety of world punk bands. Seriously, with descriptions like "The Pogues vs. a crazy circus sideshow band", how can you resist?

PPS - "Start Wearing Purple" is my new theme song.

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