Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Desktop - 12/8/2007

I liked one of the upholstery pictures from Thursday so well that I decided to build a desktop around it. This is the result:


Info & Links:
Wallpaper: Chair in My Apt Offices
Emerald Theme: Modified Beryl Default – I made the window shadows bigger and more orange, rounded the corners and changed the reds in the title bar to match the wallpaper better.
Controls Theme: Glider with yellow/green coloring to match wallpaper
Icon Theme: Suede
Cursor Theme: Lila - Black
Firefox Theme: Ubuntu Human
Thunderbird Theme: Default
XMMS Skin: Cathedral by regener8ted

This was an interesting challenge in several ways. Red is not a preferred color of mine so I had a concern about making something I could stare at for hours. Also, building a well integrated red desktop was remarkably difficult. While there are red emerald, controls, Firefox and cursor themes, getting them to match and appear like they belong not so easy.

On a side note: I decided to modify the theme of my XP desktop at work. One, it sucks to look at the same thing every day for five years. Two, I was curious if XP allowed me to do some of the things I’d been doing in Ubuntu. When I had XP at home, I will admit that I didn’t try to get the most out of it. My assessment: XP does provide for a great deal more tweaking than I was aware of but it’s not as well done as Ubuntu. The lack of a color picker is a key deficiency. Also, XP had a tendency to bundle things I wanted to do separately and to separate things I wanted to do together. Both of these faults make it much more difficult to get a unified looking theme.

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