Friday, December 7, 2007

Movie - "Dear Frankie"

I watched “Dear Frankie” last night. What a wonderful film! It’s very quiet and restrained in that British character-study way. All the actors were fantastic and the little boy did a stellar job portraying “Frankie”. On another casting note, I love British cinema because they more frequently include people who actually look real instead of like supermodels. There were several things that struck me as awesome: Gerard Butler was mesmerizing (just as good looking fully clothed as half-naked and slaughtering Persians); the motivations of the Mom were superbly revealed and consistent; they didn’t include a lot of crowds and background characters, this gave the whole movie a very intimate focus; and the ending which was neither saccharine-happily-ever-after nor depressing but bittersweet in a way that made you believe these people were one day going to be happy but not quite yet. It felt very real and earned. Needless to say, go see this film. You won’t be disappointed.

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