Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday Night Movie

Due to the lack of a new "Supernatural" episode, I decided to watch a movie last night. Good call.

Ratatouille: FANTASTIC! This was so enjoyable. Brad Bird makes just about the best movies all around. And one of the reasons they are so good is that he is unafraid to include moral stances. His characters have values (not "family" values but rather each has things they care about enough to risk for and those are presented in emotionally honest ways). When Remy makes the decision to leave his family, he explicitly states he doesn't want to live of the scraps of others' achievements but that he wants to make something himself. AND it's not sold as something he "has to do" but as a very difficult choice. This movie was just fantastic from start to finish. I especially loved Anton Ego's character who was played with great relish by the indispensable Peter O'Toole.

On a side note: The two short films that come with the DVD are also fantastic. "Your Friend the Rat" is a pro-rat film with Remy & his brother. It's a wonderful flash-back to the education Disney cartoons of the 1950's: A little bit of history, a few jokes, and wildly amusing. The second short "Lifted" was HILARIOUS!!! There is no speaking but who cares? From the premise, set-up and characters, I could not stop laughing.

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