Saturday, October 27, 2007

Krav Maga 4th & 5th Class

4th Class: I skipped the write-up last week. Last Saturday ended up being chocked-full of errands and by the time I got home, I forgot to post. We covered choking again, this time without a wall. Also, we had a different instructor. She was TINY but fast. They also did a little bit of a work-out including jumping rope. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a jump rope short enough for me. The only way I could use the rope I had was to hold onto the rope portion below the handles. But then I had trouble keeping up when we switched back and forth between jump ropes and push-ups.

5th Class: Just got back. Today was punching combinations. I'm really glad they make us wear gloves because I could feel the difference after the last class (previously my knuckles were sore ). The punches are pretty straightforward BUT when they start adding in the occasional elbow, I started to mess up. Also, holding the focus mitts is just as hard as punching when you have to move them around to be in the place for the attacker's punch. I am getting better though. Compared to the first class I took, it is getting easier for me to spot what I doing wrong OR when the instructor explains how to improve, I can correct quicker and remember better.

Also, I’m considering taking another course at this same fitness center after the class wraps up next week. They offer several strength-building and cardio classes that build on the self-defense they teach. My punches especially could use some OOMPH. I’m a bit torn between KM Cardio and Kettle Bell.

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