Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ubuntu, More First Impressions

I spent most of this afternoon playing with computer even more. Here's some more opinions of the standard software:

Evolution – I didn't use the e-mail function because I like my mail stored in 1 location and that's just going to have to be in XP for now. However, the fact that the email worked AT ALL is a step above Outlook which has never worked correctly on my computer. I've been using the Earthlink provided mail program. The Contacts, Calendar and Tasks all were easy to use. Again, the layout is similar enough you can figure it out quickly and where it is different, the Help & Support program comes in real handy.

Below the cut initial impressions of OpenOffice Word Processor & Spreadsheet, Playing CDs, Blog Entry Poster, GNOME Art Manager & F-Spot Photo Manager.

OpenOffice Word Processor – No problems at all. Look is slightly different from MSWord but other than that I didn't have any trouble opening my files and going straight to basic editing.

OpenOffice Spreadsheet – Could open files no problem. However, there do appear to be some differences here when it comes to manipulating & formatting the spreadsheet. Most things are straightforward though. I'm going to have to spend some more time in here learning the intricacies.

Playing CDs – SO EASY. You don't have to do anything really. Just put the CD in your drive and Ubuntu opens SoundJuicer to play them. It's a no-frills player but the sound is good and it's a snap to use. The only trick is that you do have to unmount drive before changing CD's.

Blog Entry Poster – This is one of the programs I added Wednesday night. It's a bare bones way of posting to your weblog without opening a Firefox window and logging in to Blogger. I used it to post today's hit list entry. It doesn't allow tags & there were some formatting problems I had to correct in Blogger. Very easy to use but only if you really have to.

GNOME Art Manager – Another added program, it lets you preview, then download and install various splash screens, desktop themes and backgrounds. Provides a good collection of artwork and it's easy to use (I've already changed the default splash screen to one called Blubuntu). My only compliant is that if you want to go from searching splash screens to windows borders, have to close & re-open the program. I'm certain there's a better way to do it; it's just not readily apparent.

GAIM chat program – Now, I haven't really chatted on-line since college and my ICQ account has totally expired. So while I want to check this out, it's going to have to wait until (1) I get a chat account somewhere and (2) I have someone to talk to.

I didn't get to the GIMP Image Editor I've heard everyone talking about. However, I was able to import pictures off my digital camera no problem with F-Spot Photo Manager. I thought F-Spot was much better than the Kodak Import Manager for Windows that came with my camera.

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