Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Finds

In order of increasing cool factor and strangeness....

1) New Evidence for Deep-Sea Origins of Life. Based on new fossils excavated from a Chinese mine?!

2) Mozilla Releases Hacker Tools. Older ones granted but the idea is to help good guys test their programs for vulnerabilities. Way to fight fire with fire guys.

3) Magnetically Levitated Wind Turbines. Cool idea for the day. I also had no idea China already had similar (smaller) wind turbines in operation.

4) Sicilian Mom Cuts Off Her Son's Allowance Her 61-yr old Son. I've heard Europeans tend to live longer with their parents.

5) Weirdo Christian Fundamentalist Reads Harry Potter. Because Tom Riddle is "obviously" a villanized version of the Christian god, right? This would be funny if I didn't think she was serious.

6) Weirdest Terror Scare Yet. And the funniest thing I've read all day. Read whole post for punchline.

7) A 7-legged Hermaphrodite Sheep.

How are we going to accept the existence strange alien worlds when this one's so beyond belief sometimes?

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