Sunday, April 19, 2009

Poems of the Weeks #8 Thru 15

While I've actually been keeping up with writing the poems, I've obviously had much less luck with posting the poems per my 2009 PE Goals. So, to make up for it, here's a mega poetry post.

PotW #8
Inner eyes unfurl twilight
Lancing through dreams delicate.
Ring down the hope of good-times.
Here, futures flicker out quick.

Debris letters flood the page.
Chatter indiscriminate.
My cubicle rings with waste,
Offensive to efficiency.
But in solemn corners waits
Echoes of Archimedes
Sparse & telling symbols proud
Encompassing all with less.

PotW#10 aka “A Domestic Diversion”
Wafting call of denied renaments,
You haunt shuddered halls with foul arrogance.
A cleaning needed, grasping elements
Which purge these walls of your tainted presence.
But, lethargy and disgust turn my hands;
The evasion of godly duty brands.

My thoughts assemble in discord profound,
Seizing each and all gnawing babble.
Boxes in rows, few, leave many unbound.
Realization, I am all rabble.

PotW#12 aka "The Deeply Creepy Bug-Dream Sonnet"
Canopy floating, through leafy webs go.
Each branch, no solace, hides creatures beady;
Antennae flick at this intrusion. Bough
Writhing all, for perch I do entreaty.
Unheard dangling from thin line now sway
In a space untouched by bark, pincer, legs.
Forest sounds echo; the ground falls away.
Watching spiders chase after fuzz-legged dregs,
I ponder neither high nor low, idle.
Scramble jaws close on innocent insects.
Hungry arachnids sated on trifle.
Larval sparks dribbling life, open necks.
Betwixt, hanging the teeny deaths whine-shout.
I bob, in place, salvation in doubt.

PotW#13 aka "Haiku Cop-out #2"
Numbers crunch, then act.
Frenzied tools change & construct.
Dreams real, now can breathe.

These times, like all else
Confuse, entangle and maul.
But do they embold?

Yes, the Turtle moves
Though Vorbis says “No”; Brutha
gardens Defiance.

Here, dashing flights of fancy
Clash titan-proud with rock hard
Truth (as defined by numbers);
A contest lacking victors
But resolved time and again.

PotW#15 aka "Death of A Router"
Cheap plastic circuits flash-bang
In time with lightening bright.
All else reboots with no hang.
But no matter flashing light,
My network no more functions.
Unplug this & that. It's you!
Surge-subject your dead junctions;
Bricked now, you were sorely new.
Replacement, I will soon seek.
Not again choose I so weak.

That's it! Any opinions?

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