Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Randomosity. On Wednesday.

Busy as a bee with ADD at work, but I'm been distracting myself with crass commercial soma. For instance, I didn't need a new pairs of sneakers.....until I saw these in Target:
They are somehow terrible and wonderful all at the same time! But, I don't have any socks to go with them. Darnit.

New, pod-o-matic Channel of awesomeness:
UMRK Web Radio
It's like a late sixties early seventies radio smorgasboard. Really good stuff.

Currently, I am trying to decide which T-Shirt to buy:


If only TypeTees wasn't so awesome, I wouldn't have this problem.....Although, in keeping with the random theme of this post, I should go with Tee #1, yes?

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