Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Poem of the Week #6 & #7

Well, I apparently suck at this whole "Poem of the Week" thing, don't I? Here's my two deliquient entries.

PotW #6

Metal-scented daydreams flee
Before those wrapped in eager glee.
Surrounded, my words count more
How they land builds a new lore
Of restraint embracing soft.
Echoes from future thanks waft
To me, query-pressed with stress,
Purposeful and now, no less.

PotW #7

Numbers begin and end my days
I begrudge them nothing big.
The wheel turns at their command.
Speaking clear, my mousy hand
Awaits the only choice mine.
Can you graph comprehension?

I greatly prefer #6 over #7. Just my opinion...

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