Saturday, January 17, 2009

That Which Is Unquestionably Awesome

I haven’t done a single book review post in a long while, and even then, it is usually reserved for non-fiction books. That changes now, because “Vorpol Blade” was the single best piece of military sci-fi I have read in a long, long time. Which given the authors are the same team which wrote the completely brilliant “Von Neumann’s War”, is no real surprise. I bought this book expecting a good solid read. What I got was a brilliantly hilarious rip-roaring read that I could not put down for a second until I finished it. Seriously, I took this with me to read while waiting at “Discount Tire” and I swear to God, I death-glared the kid who interrupted me to tell me my car was ready.

How could I possibly not love a book whose characters use Firefly slang, where Marines debate the merits of country versus goth rock and which has a major plot point involving gargalizing? Oh, and the ex-Navy SEAL who loves flower arranging so much he brings dried flowers on the mission just so he has something relaxing to do in his free time!

*runs off to buy “Manxome Foe” ASAP*

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