Friday, October 10, 2008

Dead People Voting In Droves!!!

As a follow-up to this morning’s post on ACORN’s illegal election tactics, here’s this report on voter registration fraud in the Houston Area (oh no, not H-town!). From the facts in the article, these incidents don’t to have anything to do with ACORN. However, the situation does exemplify the sort of voter “irregularities” that undermine the public’s faith in elections. That’s it! I’m putting John Fund’s book on order pronto. If I’m going to be grumpy and indignant about something I might as well be grumpy, indignant and informed.

Also, I had no idea existed but wow, it is a really useful site. Government accountability FTW!

In light of the article, I got a little creative....

UPDATE: Darnit! I got beaten to the punch by 6 minutes over at Ace of Spades.....If only I could blog at work.

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