Friday, October 3, 2008

The Big Next Big Ubuntu

I'd never read the release notes for an upcoming version of Ubuntu. Sometimes, the surprise of a new feature is a joy in and of itself. However, I did a quick read through of the notes and there's some pretty cool things on the way.

From improving privacy to little tweaks to the desktop, it sounds like I'm going to enjoy my post-upgrade experience. I can only hope they get flash/sound issues under control. Right now, that's the biggest day-to-day weakness in the system. This problem isn't Ubuntu's fault but the average user doesn't care about the politics of proprietary codecs, they just want to easily switch between playing their music and watching YouTube videos.

Ok, this post isn't intended to be a lecture. Two little things I'm looking forward to trying with the next release"
1) Encrypted Private Directories in your "Home" folder - Very neat idea.
2) "Last Successful Boot Option" - To make it easier to recover from a bad upgrade to the kernel.

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