Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stereo Decision Making

Last weekend, I was in Best Buy looking for a cable to plug my MP3 player directly into my stereo. After some bad advice and $15 I’ll never get back, my dad finally found us the Y-cable we both needed. Having now used the cable a week, I’ve got to wonder....

Item A: Stereo with MP3 Player Dock = $80 MIN


Item B: Y-Cable to Plug into Current Stereo = $7

Why do so many people go for Item A when B is cheaper and just as good sound-wise? Aside from the cool visual of an MP3 player plugged in, what do you get out of this that justifies $70+ dollars more? *is sorta baffled*

Although, I'll probably be buying this sucker soon as my 20GB MP3 player is currently at 19GB of used space.

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