Monday, August 25, 2008

Songbird v0.7

After giving it about a few days, I have generally good things to say about the recent update to Songbird. The only major problem I’ve had with it is the usual beta-upgrade problem: most of my add-ons are glitchy with v0.7. However, as the add-on creators update their bits of programming, I can expect that to go away. Also, I had a little difficulty restarting the Last.FM connection to scrobble my songs. The issue was easily fixed by logging out and then back in (which sadly didn't occur to me until today - I read all those bug reports for nothing). So all is working now.

One little nonfunctional annoyance....

Songbird is really only stable in the new default theme right now. Which clashes horribly with my desktop of purple & black. This must be seen to...when I have the time.

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