Thursday, June 19, 2008

In (Someone Else's) Mail

Once again, my coworker has received something amusing in the mail*. However, this time it is not a call to God. Today, it was a nicely printed invitation to dinner and some lectures on Estate Planning. Unfortunately, the lecture list provided does not inspire confidence. Please read the text in the red square:

Notice anything?.....Here’s a hint: J(1), T(2), W(3), R(4), O(5), S(6)...Yes, that’s right people who cannot differentiate between five & six are going to instruct you in financial matters. Note: these same people can exactly predict your losses ($780,800) from an incorrectly planned will. Perhaps it is only small numbers they have trouble with?

Also, I really don’t think they should be giving a lecture entitled “How to Disinherit You Own Children Unintentionally”.....It should be referred to by its true name, “How To Punish The Ungrateful Brats Without ‘Officially’ Disinheriting Anyone (And Getting Away With it)”.

*Why do I always get the boring junk mail? How is that remotely fair?

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