Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Human Rights" For Me But Not Thee

Do you want to know why for most Americans the UN has all the moral authority of “third rate den of whores”? Well, this is exactly why. The UN “Human Rights” council banned criticism of religions (well, really only a particular one) in order to stifle discussion on genuine human rights abuses in the Muslim world.

Genital Mutilation? Nope, can't talk about it. Child Marriage? What? It's a cultural institution, really. Honor Killings? I'm sorry that's a private family matter....Not even, or perhaps not especially, any NGOs decrying abuses of human rights as codified by sharia law.

I cannot express how grateful I am that the United States is not part of the UN Human Rights Council and therefore not tarnished with the same brush as these amoral, oppressive reprobates. The fact that we allow this kind of repressive tactic to occur on our soil is however a total disgrace.

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