Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Narnian Silliness

You know why I like fanfiction? Sure it's really, really weird and occasionally really, really badly-written. You have to dig through a lot of so-so stuff to find those pearls. But what pearls they are....Every now and again, some fan creates something that is so perfectly awesome you simply must acknowledge being paid to do something isn't the same thing as doing it well. Today, is one of those times.

From the kinky dens of LiveJournal I give you:
"Peter the Magnificent & Caspian the Super Fine"

Choice Quote (of many, many possibilities):

NARNIANS: We’ll kill you, Telmarine!
CASPIAN: How about instead you make me your king?
CENTAURS: You have to admit the boy’s devilishly attractive.
TALKING SQUIRREL: His profile would look good on our money!
NARNIANS: All hail King Caspian!

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