Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Latest & Greatest Desktop

It has been a LONG while since one of these! That's a shame because I've been really enjoying playing around with the Compiz settings in Gutsy Gibbon. Here's now:

Wallpaper:The_Lost_Gardens by silveryn
Emerald Theme: Blue Satin (HEAVILY modified to match desktop so no link)
Icons: Tango (Unofficial)
Controls: Industrial

Also, I finally figured out how to take screenshots of some of the Compiz effects. The built-in Compiz "screenshot" function has never worked for me after much fiddling. This was incredibly simple once I thought about it. I just used the regular built-in screenshot tool with a 6-8 seconds delay, just enough so I could activate the effect.

My cube (can you tell I'm lovin' the transparency options?)

Very pretty but it's not as useful as the "Expo" function. Just press CTRL+ALT+DOWN to easily switch between desktops, like so:

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