Friday, February 22, 2008

Japan – Land of Helpful Signs

I’m not sure how this got started but somehow, yesterday was “Wacky Japanese Sign” day at work. A few of the exchanged pictures are simply too good not to share. Some pictures were taken by my co-workers while others are from the wonderful

In deference to my love of warning signs:

I will be cropping and shrinking this into an icon soon (to go with my “Hand Smash” icon).

Here’s a slightly cultish Kentucky Fried Chicken picture.

I wonder if any Japanese were offended by this gross mis-use of the rising sun motif?

While smoking is rarely banned, there are certain rules of etiquette to be observed.

“Coats are expensive”?! Because honestly, someone exposing those around them to carcinogenic chemicals dispersed in the air actually cares about other people’s dry-cleaning bills?

I have no idea what this means...

Perhaps an advertisement for a mechanical device of some kind? It sounds vaguely dirty.

They even cover some remotely possible mis-uses of various facilities. See rule #2.

Imagine a murderer who has already dragged a dead body into a crowded train station.
*digs in pockets for change, glances at sign*
“No dead bodies allowed! Well, I’ll just bury him in my backyard then…” *Turns and leaves, dragging body behind him*

Please identify what’s wrong with this picture.

Finally, my absolute favorite:

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